Terms and Conditions

Drop off & Pick Up Packages

Placement of Order

Any order placed via phone, email, or in person is an offer to
purchase a particular product or service for the stated price (including delivery and other
charges) specified at the time the order was placed. Orders are based on the minimum number of
guests and increments listed on each package. All orders are considered secure at time they are

Acceptance of Order

We reserve the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason,
such as unavailability of product or service, an error in the price of the product or service, or an error in
your order. As there may be reasons why Catering by Luigi cannot fulfill your order, your contract with
us will only come to existence when an acceptance of your order by means of verbal or email order
has been confirmed.

Order Confirmation

All orders must be firm 5 days prior to the event. Any orders placed less than 5
days prior to the required date must be firm on the day they are placed.
Pricing: Prices of products, services, delivery and other charges displayed on Catering by
Luigi’s website and catering material are current at the time of publication. These prices are subject to
change without notice. Delivery charges are based on your geographic location and are not usually
displayed. Fee will be determined at time of order execution


all delivery & pickup orders must be paid in full at time of delivery & pick up by means of
certified cheque, bank draft payable to Catering by Luigi, email transfer of funds or Cash exact
change. Catering by Luigi is not set up for any credit or debit card transactions.
HST: The price displayed is subject to HST (13%).
Invoices/Receipts: Upon confirmation of order you will be presented with an invoice via email, at the
point of pick up or delivery for taxation purposes.
Cancellation: If you need to cancel an order, please contact Catering by Luigi immediately. Orders can
be cancelled 48 hours prior to event without any penalties. Otherwise, client to pay in full.
Rain cancellations will not be accepted unless there had been an organized rain date upon
acceptance of the contract.


Catering by Luigi reserves the right to make any substitutions using products of equal or
higher value if for any reason a product is not available and not to Catering by Luigi standards.
Substitutions are applicable to an upgrade fee.


Catering by Luigi no longer supplies disposable plates, forks, knives or napkins.


A delivery fee will apply based on the geographic area of service. Delivery fee is applicate to
HST as it is a service,

Serviced Packages:

First Deposit

On execution of this agreement the first deposit will be based on per person
cost times 10 people plus HST. Contract based on minimum guaranteed numbers of
guests. We will accept cheque, cash or email transfer for your first payment. We are not
set up for any debit or credit card transactions.

Second Deposit

Made 3 months prior to your event ~50% of the remaining balance.
We will accept cheque payable to Catering by Luigi, cash or email transfer.
We are not set up for any debit or credit card transactions.

Final Payment

Made 2 weeks prior to your event -Final total represents 100% of the
remaining total cost. At this time there will be a final meeting to confirm any changes
and finalize guest count, allergies, seating arrangement, number of tables and placement
of tables as per your floor plan. We will accept cheque payable to Catering by Luigi, cash
or email transfer.

Dinner Head Count

Catering by Luigi will be taking a head count at the event during
dinner to assure your number of guests present corresponds with the final appointment
numbers. In the event you have exceeded your final appointment guest count you will be
required to pay for each additional guest present the day of your event the per person
price including HST by cash only. An invoice & receipt with complete breakdown will
be emailed for your records the next working day.

Kids Meal
(Ages 8 and under) ~ Menu consists of: Penne W/ Sauce or with Butter, 4 Chicken
Fingers and Potatoes and child friendly dessert. Per person price remains the same.
Children must be included in the head count at the final appointment.
French fries are available if there is access to utilize the oven or a deep fryer at the
service facility at no extra charge to Catering by Luigi.

Working Staff

Any person(s) hired to provide a service at the Reception.
All working staff (excluding Catering by Luigi working staff) staying for dinner must be
included in the head count at the final appointment. Working staff when staying for
dinner are considered guests. Officiant, Event Planner, D.J.(s), Photographer,
Videographer, Bartender(s), etc.

Opening Hours

Mon  – Fri : 7 a.m.–5 p.m






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